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iOS10 and the iPhone 7

It’s that time of year again. Apple and smartphone enthusiasts alike have waited patiently for this year’s rendition of Apple’s most popular product: the iPhone 7. Alongside Apple’s new release is iOS 10, an eloquently redesigned mobile operating system with big changes to messaging and notifications. And let’s not forget the elephant in the room: the missing headphone jack.

What’s new in iOS10?

Like other iOS updates, most of what’s new is contained in stock application updates. This time, the messages app was revisited to add improvements in making messages more unique and personable. This includes the ability to write hand-written messages to other iPhone users. Also added were stickers and message effects upon sending.

The photos application was also improved with machine-learning AI that can intelligently pull data from the photo without your input. In other words, you can now search your photos for certain things and your iPhone will then output a list of photos with that object. Looking for all the photos of your beloved dog? Search “Dog” and there they are. Photos was also revamped to include a “Memories” tab – a sorted storyline of photos over a certain period of time.

The notification system saw a natural evolution in design, too. Notifications are now more easily viewed via the lock screen where you can quickly dismiss or reply to them.

There were some under the hood improvements added to iOS 10. Users can enjoy better security and performance. Although not advertised, some users saw an improvement to battery life as well.

iOS 10 is available for the iPhone 5S and above models. To see the entire feature list, check out Apple’s page here.

iPhone 7: What’s new and what’s missing?

The iPhone 7 stirred the digital pot this September with a number of new features and controversies – primarily the removal of the headphone jack. To the dismay of everyday users, Apple again chose to take a leap of faith into the future – leaving users “stuck in the past” in the dust. Apple instead is a proponent of wireless technologies, and you can expect the same trend moving forward.

Controversy aside, the new iPhone is another incremental improvement over the last. The phone is faster (actually, the fastest smartphone currently in existence), has doubled its storage, and hosts an improved camera. A full list of features can be found on Apple’s website.

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