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Maximizing Your Technology Budget

Your technology budget may be simultaneously one of the easiest budgets to spend but also to save. This is because it’s especially easy to save money by “recycling” technology and continue using rather than upgrading each year. In this article we’ll explore some easy ways that your business can maximize its technology budget.

It Pays To Upgrade

You may look at the cost of a new computer as an excessive expense; however, studies have shown time after time that upgrading employee laptops and desktops saves your business valuable time and money. For instance – an old, supported machine will not only be slow but be costly to maintain once you factor in support costs. Furthermore, newer computers boast hardware that is exponentially better year after year. To add to this, you pay what you get for in the world of technology. Going cheap  may save you up front until that hard drive fails again… and again… and again.

Software Can be Cheap

If you’re software requirements aren’t strictly regulated by code – perhaps your company can save by skipping out the Office 365 subscription and instead opt for OpenOffice. This same is true for email – perhaps Gmail can be a cheaper but more effective alternative for your business needs. In general computing, when you’re looking for software to fulfill a business need, you will almost always be able to find something that’s either cheap or free.

Education is King

Teaching your employees how to effectively use technology can save you from headache. Training documentation allows your business to quickly and effectively grow its skill base while keeping referential material relevant. In the same light, incorporating common sense teaching in your technology budget is wise too. In a time where information compromises and viruses run amuck, it may be worth it to spend an extra day training to prevent malicious attacks.

Plan Ahead!

It’s not too late to end the year strong. 2016 is winding down, but you may still have 2016 budgets remaining. Plan ahead by developing a strong technology plan now, that will help you achieve your 2017 goals early. Ask me for a free technology consultation.  I’ve been in business for more than 27 years in the Wilmington area, and I can help you maximize your technology budget.

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