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Technology Support Packages

Cape Fear Networks offers several IT Support Packages to meet your needs. With Antivirus, password management, spam filtering and computer backups, your workstation is safe and secure. Rest assured that if an issue occurs, our Help Desk Support is available to restore your computer, remove a virus or continue to keep software and operating systems up to date.

Antivirus, Anti-malware and Ransomware Protection

Keep your computer safe with professional grade security and protection. Our Antivirus solution detects threats before they occur and protects your computer against ransomware, viruses and malware.

Password Keeper and Manager

The Cape Fear Networks Password Management Software securely remembers your passwords and automatically logs you in. Securely share passwords among your team, generate unique passwords. Sync your passwords across all of your devices, your desktop computer, tablet and smartphone.

Email Account

An email account is included with each of our Technology Support Packages. Use our secure based email system, or use your website URL for a professional branded email address.

Email Spam Filtering

Stop spam for entering your inbox with Cape Fear Networks Spam Filtering solution. Our dynamic system blocks unwanted spam emails, yet allows you access to your quarantine to make sure you’re not missing important emails. The easy-to-use system keeps you productive saving you from the time required to filter spam manually.

Computer Backups

Cape Fear Networks securely backs up files from your computer using a cloud-based backup solution. If anything should happen, our team of technicians can restore your files and get you back to work without losing productivity. With the amount of cyber threats out there these days, we recommend that every computer include daily data backups.

Help Desk Support

Our staff of dedicated technicians is on call to help with your computer maintenance needs. We want to keep you up and running – hassle free. You can be confident knowing that when an issue or question arises, you have access to our team of IT professionals at your service.

Support packages are available for both individuals and businesses. Give us a call to discuss your IT and Computer Support needs. (910) 392-9887


Setup of Package Software
Protect from Malware, Ransomeware & Attacks
Password Manager
Securely Share Password
Email Address
One Hosted Email Address
Email Spam Filter
Quarantine Suspicious Emails
Computer Backups
Cloud Based Daily Backups
Help Desk Support
Up to one Hour of Remote Support per Month
Value Free $5.00 $4.00 $4.00 $2.00 $1.00 $10.00 $125.00
Basic Free Yes Yes
Email Address
No No No $9.95/Month
Essential Free Yes Yes
Email Address
Yes Yes $10.00 $19.95/Month
Advanced Free Yes Yes Email Address
With Custom Domain
Yes Yes Yes $29.95/Month