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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts; however, there are some that I just can’t remember and have to Google every single time.  How do I do a screen capture again?  Instead of mousing over and finding what you need in a menu, memorize these Windows keyboard shortcuts to save a little time. Plus, it will make you look way smarter to coworkers when you perform fancy keyboard moves in front of them.

Bookmark this page, or download the printable Windows Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF) and post it up in your cubicle.

The New Control, Alt, Delete

You’ll want to remember this one. If a program is acting up or frozen, Task Manager lets you “End Task” and get back to work.  I’ve always used Control + Alt + Delete and selected Task Manager from the list.  Here’s an even quicker way.

Control + Shift + Escape = brings up task manager

Close that Pop-Up Window

This keyboard shortcut is good for when a pop up comes up on your screen. You can avoid clicking it by using this key combination.

Alt + F4 = closes the active program on the screen

Cut, Copy, Paste and Other Basics

You all probably know these, but a shortcut list wouldn’t be complete without the basic cut, copy and paste commands.

Control + X = cut

Control + C = copy

Control + V = paste

Control + S = save

F12 = save as

Ctrl + P = print

Select All, or Just Select a Few

When you’re in a folder or program and want to select all files or just select the ones you want, here’s how.

Control + A = select all

Control + Click = to select only those you want

Find Something in a Document, or even on a Webpage

The “find” function around here has become a new favorite among staff. If you’re on a webpage and want to find something quickly, or if you’re looking for something within a large document, this keyboard shortcut is your friend.

Control + F = find

Undo, Undo!!

When you’ve made a huge mistake and typed over your coworker’s really important document, no worries. This only works if you haven’t hit save and closed the document though.  Otherwise, back away slowly and blame it on the intern.

Control + Z = undo (You may have to Control Z several times to get yourself out of trouble.)

Stylize That Memo Like a Boss

Bold, underline, italic, get fancy with these text editing keyboard shortcuts. Select the copy you want it to apply it to, then:

Shift + B = bold

Shift + I = italics

Shift + U = underline

Next, press the ALT key and then press keys N and P one after another. The Insert Picture dialog box appears. Insert the funny photo, you know you want to.

“Did You Clear your Cache?”

The web developers over here are always telling me to apply this keystroke when I’m seeing something different in my browser window than I should be. It will refresh your screen to match the latest version of the webpage.

Shift + F5 = reloads your current webpage, ignoring previously cached content

Open, Close and Switch Between Programs

This is the fancy way to switch to another open program on your computer. Give it a try.

Alt + Tab – switch between programs

Alt + F4 = close current program

Ctrl + N – creates a new document in most programs, or a new browser window

Ctrl + O – opens a document

Open All The Tabs

How many tabs do you have open currently? I have seven.

Ctrl + T – new browser tab
Ctrl + F4 – close browser tab

Screen Capture

When you want to share a picture your screen with someone to prove that you’re not crazy.

PrtScn = copy the screen to the clipboard
Windows + PrtScn = save the screen to a file
Or, just use the built-in Snipping Tool to capture just a part of your screen

I hope these tips save you some time in the future, what windows keyboard shortcuts do you use most often?  Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)